Foreigner Workers Annual Paid Vacation Regulation in Turkey


There are six paid public holidays per year (January 1st, April 23rd, May 1st, May 19th, August 30th, October 29th), plus two paid periods of religious holiday, which comes to eight days in total. Employees are entitled to paid annual vacation for the periods indicated below, provided that they have worked for at least one year including the probation period:

Years of work

Minimum paid vacation period

1 – 5 years (inclusive)

14 working days

5 – 15 years

20 working days

15 years (inclusive) or longer

26 working days

These benefits are the minimum levels set by law and may be increased on the basis of a collective or personal employment contracts.
As per the Regulation regarding the Payment of Wages, Premiums, Bonuses and Any Other Remuneration, in case the employer recruits at least 5 workers within the same workplace or across the whole country; any payment to workers shall be made through banks.
If wage and salary amounts are not paid into employees’ bank accounts, an administrative penalty is charged to the employer.
It is possible to denominate wages/salaries in terms of a foreign currency. In this case, wages/salaries shall be paid in TRY calculated on the basis of the relevant foreign currency rate prevailing as of the payment date.

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