All earnings up to the Turkish minimum wage will be tax-free, while pensions for pensioners, widows, orphans will now also be paid on holidays. Payments will be paid on time without any changes if the weekend coincides with a public holiday. In addition, his payment can be divided into receiving severance pay, the salary of which is overdue.

The staff whose wages are delayed may terminate the employment contract and leave the job by receiving severance pay. A fine cannot be imposed for non-contractual reasons, and more than a quarter of the fee cannot be confiscated. Overtime should be written in the wage column in the bonus document, while equal pay is required for the same job and seniority.

1- Who does the pension of 2500 TL cover, will widows and orphans also benefit?

The increase of the lowest pension to 2500 liras also concerns the areas of SSK, Bağ-Kur, agricultural pensioners, as well as widows and orphans’ pensions. The regulation will affect about 1 million 265 thousand people. Widower and orphan pension recipients will benefit from this increase in the proportion of shares they have received so far.

Those who receive a widow’s or orphan’s pension due to the deceased insured person will benefit from this application at the rate of their shares. For example, the death pension of a widow with a 50 percent stake will not be less than 1250 TL, and the death pension of a widow with a 75 percent stake will not be less than 1875 TL. In the same way, if two daughters receive an orphan pension with a 25 percent share due to the deceased insured person, their death pension will not be less than 625 TL after the new regulation.

2- Will the civil servant pensioner also benefit from an transfer 2.5 percent raise?

Civil servants’ pensioners will also benefit from an additional 2.5 per cent raise. Along with the increase in monthly and wage rates caused by inflation and an additional increase, a total of 30.95 percent improvement will be made effective from January. The lowest civil servant pension went up to 4289 TL.

3- When will the increased salaries and pensions be credited to the accounts?

Civil servants, contract workers, temporary staff and civil servants pensioners will receive a raised salary, the monthly and inflation difference on January 15. January January 17-26, the pension of the Social Security Institution will be paid december, and January 25-28, the pension of Bağ-Kur will be paid to the pensioners of the Social Security Institution.

4- Will pensions be credited to the account even though it coincides with the market.

Pensions are paid in advance every month for periods and dates determined by the Social Security Institution. Friday Monday Saturday Saturday Sunday Sunday group payment is made by combining with Monday’s group, if any of the payment days coincides with a public holiday other than Saturday or Sunday, the dates on which payments will be made will be determined by the Institution and announced. Saturday January 1, if the payment days coincide with Sunday and public holidays, it will be paid on time on the usual payment day, that is, on holidays, without any changes, that is, it will no longer be paid on holidays.

5- Can the employee’s salary be paid by promissory notes, bills, coupons, is there a time limit on the receivable?

Promissory notes, coupons, bills or any other form of payment of fees may not be made. If the fee is determined in foreign currency, it can be paid in Turkish lira according to the rails on the payment day. The time-out period for receiving wages is 5 years.

6- Can university students with minimum wage income get loans and scholarships?

Students who work in a permanent job at the minimum wage level monthly or with a wage or have an income can receive a scholarship or a tuition loan from the Higher Education Credit and Dormitories Institution.

7-  Can the contract of the employee who does not work be terminated because he cannot receive his wages?

An employee who has not been paid within 20 days (without force majeure) from the day of payment of the fee may refrain from doing his job. This does not qualify as a strike. Employment contracts cannot be terminated because they are not working, new employees cannot be replaced, this work cannot be done by someone else. The highest interest applied to the deposit is applied for fees not paid on the day.

8- Is it legal for those who do the same job to receive separate wages as a penalty for cutting wages?

In order for the penalty for cutting wages to be deducted, it must be contained in a collective agreement or an employment contract. If there is no such provision, the employee cannot be fined for cutting wages. If it is included in the contract, the deductions in this scope cannot be more than 2 days of earnings in a month. The obligation to pay equal wages to equal work means that the same wage is paid to workers who work in the same workplace, do the same job and have the same seniority.

9- Is it mandatory for overtime wages to appear on the payroll, what is the contribution to the employee?

Overtime wages need to be written in the well-deserved wage column. The temporary incapacity payments to be paid in accordance with the rest reports received in cases of occupational accident, occupational disease, maternity are based on the full amount of the fee paid in the last three months. Premiums, bonuses, and other payments of this nature exceeding 50 percent of the fee are taken into account. Typing the overtime pay in the bonus column instead of the wage will result in an incorrect account, the income to be linked will decrease.

10- What can an employee who is not paid regularly do?

According to the law, the employer can delay the payment of wages for a maximum of 20 days. According to the contract to be concluded between the parties, wage payments can also be made in shorter periods, for example, every two weeks. In addition to the right to refrain from working, a person whose salary is late may terminate his employment contract and claim severance pay. Those who have not terminated their employment contract and continue to work can file a complaint with the Labor and Employment Agency directorates, and those who have terminated their employment contract and quit their jobs can also apply to a mediator. Joint solutions with the employer can also be produced through Iş-Kur. By applying for short-term work at the workplace, employees’ wages from three months to 6 months can be paid by Iş-Kur.

11- Is the monthly wage determined to include overtime pay?

The employee’s approval is required, with exceptions for overtime work. Determining the monthly wage with written approval to include overtime pay means that the employee agrees that he will work overtime. It is also necessary to determine from the beginning how many hours of overtime will be worked per month in total.

According to the Labor Code, the total amount of overtime paid for a year cannot exceed 270 hours. The daily working time of an employee will be no more than 11 hours, night work can not exceed 7.5 hours. Overtime pay, which will be determined within the monthly wage, must be determined in accordance with these periods.